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  • Why SYVO?

    At SYVO we believe in making the best technology available in a user-friendly format for businesses. Not everyone is tech savvy or has the time to keep up with the rapidly changing technological climate, and it is our mission to bridge that gap and empower retailers to build powerful branding online, streamline operations using technological automation and intelligence, and create tailored-software specifically for Prom, Bridal, and Fashion retailers based on their needs. In order for our company to continue to be successful, we understand that we must continually adapt our platform to keep up with new technology and users' online shopping behaviors. We also believe that relationships in business can open the doors for compelling software that strengthens.

  • Does SYVO integrate with my POS?

    SYVO currently integrates in real-time with Bridal Live. This means, that your POS will automatically update the available "in-store" items on the website, based on the data you have in your POS. Please contact us today to inquire about your POS system and whether or not we have the capabilities to add a real-time integration.

    For those that are using any POS not listed above, we have created a very easy to use tool that only requires you to export a quantity on hand report from your POS system, and then drag and drop the file into your website's back-end. After the first time you import a report, it will remember all of your column headers and designer-names, so you can simply export a report from your POS and import it in seconds to the back-end of your website. You can do this as frequently as you would like to update your in-store inventory-availability that is shown on the website.

  • Does SYVO keep my website up to date?

    At SYVO, we understand that the fashion industry is very visually focused and that it is imperative to maintain a site that has the latest collections' imagery throughout its design. On every service package we offer, you will have a dedicated account manager that will proactively reach out to you as new collections are released, to discuss what designers you'd like to use to update the site. We will then update the site at no additional cost to your service plan.

  • Can I upgrade my service whenever I want?

    All SYVO contracts are month-to-month, so you are welcome to upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime. We do not believe the best way to obtain and retain happy clients is by using legal contracts that force you to be our customers. We believe that it is our duty to make sure your customer satisfaction is the reason you continue to do business with us.

  • Can I use SYVO if I already have a website I purchased or built?

    SYVO does offer the ability to add an eCommerce store to the sub-domain of your current website. This is not recommended, as we have created several different features that will not function for eCommerce stores we implement on your sub-domain. We understand that some individuals could have recently purchased a new website for a considerable amount of money, and that could be a deterring factor from using our services, so please contact us if you are only interested in having the eCommerce capabilities we provide on your site.

  • What designers does SYVO work with?

    Our team will reach out and connect with any designer that we're not currently receiving imagery/product information/inventory for. Here is a list of a few designers that we actively work with to make sure we're ensuring you have the latest collections on your site and receiving the most accurate data in terms of available Designer-inventory: Sherri Hill, Jovani, La Femme, Mon Cheri, Mac Duggal, House of Wu, 2Cute Prom, 57 Grand, Andrea and Leo couture, Abby Paris/Lucci Lu, Adrianna Pappell, Allure Bridals, Amalia Carrara, Ashley Lauren, Jasz Couture, Angela and Alison, Terani, Vienna Prom, Val Stefani, Alyce Paris, Rachel Allan, Azzure Couture.

  • Is Website Hosting included in my service package?

    Yes. SYVO pays for the hosting of your website regardless of the volume of traffic.

  • What security measures do you implement on my site?

    We install SSL (https:) on every site we launch, and can setup EVSSL (Shows Store Name on URL bar) for the cost of the certificate.

  • Can I sell items that are not in my store but are in stock at my designers' warehouse?

    SYVO's back-end allows you to easily add products to your site in minutes. Name the product, select its appropriate Brand/Collection, drag and drop the images, and use our SKU generator to quickly create all of the options you have for your products. We also provide filters, like "Available In-Store" which allow your customers to filter the products on your site to see only the products that are available "in-store" – This will significantly help you drive store traffic as shoppers will have the confidence to come to your store based on the available styles you're reporting to be available.

  • Why would I use SYVO's marketing packages when I can make facebook and instagram ads myself?

    Our team has over 18 years of eCommerce experience and are professionals in digital marketing. Instead of spending more money trying certain ads without knowing exactly what type of return you're going to receive, SYVO will construct ads that only target potential buyers enabling you to get the highest ROI possible from your campaigns. Our team also consistently monitors the performance of the campaigns and improves them as more data is received.

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