Turning Pageviews into Appointments

Maximizing the time that users spend on your website should be the #1 goal for a Bridal and Prom retailer. After a bride has spent some time on your website, you want to make sure that they actually end up in your store. Ensure you have a very prominent Call-to-Action (CTA) button that says “Book an appointment” on every page of your website. This makes it extremely convenient for your potential customers to book an appointment with you while they are actively interested in your store.

Let’s take a second to illustrate a detailed example of how all of this works. A girl has just been proposed to, and she said yes! How exciting! Now that the excitement is at an all time high, she goes to Google to figure out where she’s going to get her dress. If she gets to your website and you don’t have all of the collections and product imagery available, chances are that they will leave and find a store that does have this available. However, if you do have all of the collections and product imagery available on your website, that bride-to-be will stay on your website to research and explore what dress she is going to want to buy. Once she finds the dress she can’t live without, it will be an easy decision for her to make an appointment at your store.

This is why building a website that engages the customer should be of the highest importance. If you can increase the number of pageviews per user, you will increase the number of appointments that you receive at your store. Request a Demo with us at SYVO to see exactly how this would work with your store!

What are pageviews?
A pageview is a request to load a single page on a website. If you visit and click on three products from the homepage, that means you’ve participated in 3 pageviews in a single session. The number of pageviews is a great indicator of the interest that particular user has in your website or store.

What is a user?
A user is the unique individual that is visiting a website, one user can be associated with multiple pageviews. In the Amazon example, you would be the one user that has viewed the 3 pages.

What is a session?
A session is the period of time that a user is on a particular website. When a user begins a session, the number of pageviews that they are participating in is tracked as happening all within that session. So in the Amazon example, you would be the one user that has viewed the 3 pages in the one session.

Maximizing Pageviews
If a user has a large amount of pageviews in a particular session, this user is very obviously interested in what the site has to offer, and chances are they will take action on this website at some point in the future. You want to increase the number of pageviews that a user has in particular session, meaning you want to have plenty of pages on your site so that each user can actually spend some time exploring what you have to offer.

In Bridal and Prom, it is often commonplace for shops to link designer websites on their own site. This is an absolute no-no, as soon as a user leaves your site, you might lose them as a customer. Relying on the designer site to link back to your store isn’t always going to work, and is extremely risky when you have a potential sale on the line.

You can definitely include a link on your site to your designers, but it should not be the only way you plan to showcase your available collections to your customers. When you send people away from your website, you lose out on


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